Happiness at 13

Happiness and Safety in Tilburg

How do we experience our happiness and luck nowadays? Does superstition play a part? Do we secretly say a prayer before an exam or job interview? Or do we attribute our bad luck to black cats and Friday the 13th? We posed these questions and more to the inhabitants of Tilburg (area code 013) who lived at house number 13 in the year 2013.

“Happiness at 13” is a citywide research project carried out by students of Tilburg University and ROC Tilburg. In the context of the course Transmedia Journalism students attending Tilburg University composed an extensive survey regarding our sense of happiness in a modern society. ROC students then went into the city and presented this survey to every inhabitant living at number 13 of their street. Answers to questions were analysed by Tilburg University and summarised in a report. Photos taken by ROC students of the people they interviewed were put on display around the city.

The project was received with great enthusiasm by inhabitants, the city council and the media. It even led to a 13-part series by local broadcaster Omroep Brabant were 13 people from Tilburg share stories about their personal experience of happiness.