Mediate Metadata Editor

Understanding the literary system of the 18th century

Which books were read in the late eighteenth century? Who were they read by whom? And what topics were covered in it? These types of questions are answered by the ERC project MEDIATE. On the basis of book auction catalogs from the eighteenth century, Prof. Dr. Alicia Montoya tries to find out how the ideas of the Enlightenment, as well as less enlightened literature, spread across Europe.

As a post-doctoral researcher, I developed full stack solutions to support the MEDIATE project. That is how I developed the MEDIATE Metadata Editor. In this editor all metadata of the catalogs are collected and made transparent: the name of the collection owner, the location of the auction, the auctioneer, the date of the auction, and more. Graphs and maps show the distribution of the data at a glance.

In addition to visualization, the Metadata Editor also offers possibilities to edit the data. Fields can be created and configured entirely according to your wishes, making the Metadata Editor a very flexible and multi-purpose tool.