Hi, I’m Matje!

Colorful, inventive and driven. An unsatisfiable appetite for knowledge and progress is what moves me.

I look for a challenge in everything I approach. Whether I’m creating a WordPress plugin, developing a mobile game, or carrying out a research project … I always hunt for the most efficient and effective solution, even – or especially – when it means I get to increase my skillset. This way I ensure that I am always up-to-date with current developments and can offer my customers the best service.

Below you can read what I have kept myself busy with in my study and career.
Are you more visually oriented? Then take a look at my portfolio.


Tilburg University 2009 - 2016
PhD - Computer Science
Thesis: A Link to the Past: Constructing Historical Social Networks from Unstructured Data

Tilburg University 2007 - 2008
Master of Arts - Human Aspects of Information Technology
Thesis: Explorations into Unsupervised Corpus Quality Assessment
Honors: Dissertation passed “with Distinction”

Tilburg University 2004 - 2007
Bachelor of Arts - Business Communication and Digital Media
Minor: Mens en Informatie
Honors: Graduated “with Distinction”

Teaching Experience

Tilburg University 2016
Lecturer - Social Media Analytics
Social Media can no longer be ignored from our lives. We all share our experiences and opinions on platforms such as Facebook. This type of interaction data is invaluable for professionals such as marketers, researchers and journalists. But how do you measure public opinion via social media? What can you draw from the visible trends? Why are certain campaigns successful and others are not? These are the kinds of questions that Social Media Analytics deals with.
For this course I developed the syllabus and the entire course setup. I also created an online laboratory in which students could work with data from Facebook and Twitter, I reviewed the weekly practical lessons, and I reviewed all submitted assignments. A fun and, for me too, instructive experience in which I had close contact with the students.

Tilburg University 2012 - 2013
Instructor - Transmedia Journalism
Transmedia Journalism is about chasing and telling journalistic stories using a variety of media. For this course I took care of the technical colleges. In addition, I helped set up and manage a large research project carried out by our students and students of the ROC, entitled "Happiness at 13". During the lectures our students compiled an extensive survey about happiness and safety, with a nod to superstition. The survey was then submitted by the ROC students to all residents of Tilburg who live at number 13. We used the results as input for a final assignment.

Work Experience

De Taalmonsters 2013 - Present
De Taalmonsters are technical executors of a number of government-subsidized research projects, including Whitelab. Whitelab is an online interface in which linguists can explore and search a huge amount of Dutch texts (500 million words!). This helps them with their research and education. In addition, De Taalmonsters take on commercial assignments in the area of data and text analysis, database and server management, and development / adaptation of websites and applications.

Radboud University 2016
Post-Doctoral Researcher
In this role I developed full stack solutions to support Prof. Dr. Alicia Montoya in her research on book ownership in the late eighteenth century. For her, I created datacuration interfaces, OCR solutions for converting scanned historical documents into computer-readable text, and visualizations for data analysis. A very challenging job in all areas.

ABS Laundry Business Solutions 2008 - 2009
Functional Designer
As a functional designer I took care of the translation of customer requirements into functional specifications for the programmers. Afterwards, I tested the software to make sure everything was working properly. Here I have mainly learned to ensure that the user experience is not lost in the technical details. And that insight I still apply daily.

SpITs – Tilburg University 2006 - 2008
IT Support Agent
At SpITs I enjoyed providing first and second line support for all employees of the Social Studies faculty at Tilburg University. A close-knit team with nice colleagues - and nice customers! In addition to providing support, I combined the most asked questions in an online knowledge base, and installed many, many PCs.


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