You are a website builder? Or an SEO specialist? Maybe a sales consultant? Marketer? Then you often get questions from your customers to advertise more effectively, generate social media exposure, harvest reviews (if possible mainly positive) sales funnels to build, or even a complete business management system. Or are you asked to come up with sales actions, or to implement customer loyalty programs, to apply up-selling tools and / or to make analyses of customers, prospects and their needs? Or to ‘simply’ link an automated quotation module to their existing website?

You do not always have the right answer to those questions? And you don’t have the right expertise available in your network?

Then I have good news for you. As a software designer, database analyst and programmer I have been working together with you for years! Not with you in particular, but with specialists like you yourself. And that is why I often have the correct answer to the type of questions from the first paragraph: quickly realizable and often more affordable than you think (or not, but then you are either too naïve or too cheap).

Need only an adaptation to a website? Or a complete app? I’m your girl for programming and designing, also of very complicated software!

Whether it should be linked to existing ERM, CRM, CMS, PIM platforms, whether meaningful analyses need to be made or the optimal queries posed against ‘big data’ and other tracking-based user data collected through cookies and in other ways: I’m the person you want.

I also feel like a fish in the water with many of the available programming languages. Please check out my CV for my precise skillset.

I am open to complete productions, partial assignments, testing, scripting / coding, improvements and consultancy.

More good news: I live right around the corner from you, not in India, Kazakhstan or the Ukraine. That makes it a lot easier to communicate.

My name is Matje van de Camp.